Teatro Chiesa di Milano

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The Theatre Alfredo Chiesa is one of the most characteristic theaters of Milan.
It is located in the Navigli (Water Chanels) area, famous for its many pubs, bars, excellent restaurants and entertainment venues that make her one of the busiest nightlife of Milan.
Known for its excellent acoustics, the Theatre Church has a history of more than eighty years old, having been built in the mid-thirties.

In front of the theater is the church of St. Christopher to the canals, famous because it consists of two churches built at different times: the first dates back to the thirteenth century and the second was added and built in 1405 by the Duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti.

The canal, built in the thirteenth century and renovated with the help of Leonardo da Vinci, has always been the heart of the trade and transport in Milan. Next to the church stands the bridge of St. Christopher, from which you can see the view of the Naviglio Grande.