Arturo Brachetti

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Real and surreal, truth and fiction, magic and reality: everything is possible in the big dream house of Arturo Brachetti, the largest quick change performer in the world that returns with a new big show in progress in which enchants the audience with his ability to transform and the many arts in which he excels, from sand painting to laser show, up to some extraordinary novelties.

ONLY is 90 minutes of surrealist and funambolic variety, made of magic, illusions, transformations, light and laser games! 10 numbers during which over 50 characters come to life thanks to the talent of Arturo Brachetti. In this new show, Brachetti recounts his fantasies and dreams through a miniature house, symbol of the memories that each of us keeps in our heads and hearts. With the help of a cameraman, the little house becomes a stage setting and Arturo invites the public to enter and leave 7 different rooms, each one associated with a memory or fantasy that Arturo tells with his magic and transformations. It is the imagined reality that makes us happier. Arturo Brachetti.

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Teatro degli Arcimboldi di Milano

The Teatro degli Arcimboldi is a theatre and opera house in Milan which was built over a twenty-seven month period in anticipation of the closure and subsequent nearly three-year long renovation of Milan's La Scala opera house in December 2001. It is located 4.5 miles from the city centre in an abandoned Pirelli tire factory, in an area known as Bicocca.[1]

Designed by Vittorio Gregotti working with architects Mario Botta and Elisabetta Fabbri, the fan-shaped 2,375 seat auditorium, created on two levels, was planned to allow for the continuation of La Scala's 2001/2002 opera season and it was inaugurated with a performance of Verdi's La traviata on 19 January 2002.

An unfortunate accident closed the theatre for seventeen days in February 2001, but it reopened and became the La Scala company's venue until the renovated opera house reopened on its traditional day, 7 December, in 2004.

Performances of many different types of music are still given at the Arcimboldi.

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