Andrea Bocelli

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PreviousOctober 2020

On July 24, 2020 will be renewed, expected, amazing, essential, the international appointment with the famous concert-event that will turn the campaign of Lajatico, birthplace of Andrea Bocelli, in the world capital of great music and great beauty.


In the graceful prosperity of the Tuscan hills, the thematic heart declined in music that will pulsate on the stage of the Teatro del Silenzio we will find it in that mysterious energy, powerful, that runs between two phonemes... Two words that speak of all of us and point to the absolute: Nature and Beauty.
Nature, the totality of a perfect system of which we are a portion and a filiation; Beauty, a prodigy of a quality that blossoms everywhere life expresses itself in harmony with the rest of creation.

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Theatre of Silence

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